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GitRoll's AI builds data-driven coding portfolios, demonstrates real software skills while eliminating tests, bias, and trivia.

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Currently supported stacks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Front-end Libraries (React, Vue etc.), Kotlin, Jupyter Notebook and Python

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Software developers

Aidan T

Founder, Biznius.ai

The passion and strengths of the GitRoll Team are palpable, and the potential of GitRoll to change the technical hiring game is truly immense. As a tech founder, I appreciate GitRoll as an effective way to screen almost 1,000 candidates for our newly opened front-end and back-end positions.

Brent M. Clark


Neat utility. This is about where I expected to land.



Finally got validation for being full stack dev
Huh #GitRoll


Co-Founder, Chain Challenger

GitRoll's algorithm-driven assessment tool and dedicated team have been instrumental in adapting our recruitment to meet the unique demands of the Web 3.0 space. I cannot recommend Gitroll highly enough. Their tailored approach to tech talent acquisition is not just innovative—it's essential for any company looking to thrive in today's digital ecosystem.


Staff Engineer, Team T5

The energy and vision of the GitRoll team are inspiring, and GitRoll has the potential to revolutionize how we approach technical hiring. As a member of the engineering community, I've personally experienced the efficiency that GitRoll brings to the candidate evaluation process. To all my colleagues involved in hiring, GitRoll is a must-try tool.

sharma ji ka beta


Bwahahaha finally someone thinks I am a Senior Level Developer 😂😂😂

Jox aside, gotta work more on improving my stats in OSS stuff 👀

Tushar Puri


Aiming to do more open source contribution.
🎯 Next milestone is to get more than 8 rating.
You can check your profile also using this amazing tool @gitroll_io

Kohaku Blueleaf

Stable Diffusion WebUI, 120k Stars

I used GitRoll to check my friends' code quality, and I found that its scores in different aspects almost perfectly match my own assessment of their code. GitRoll is definitely the best tool available when you want to collaborate with open-source contributors or hire them for your team.

Vetted, Affordable, Global Tech Hiring

Using big data and our AI model, GitRoll offers employers a cost-effective solution to discover skilled global IT talents who are vetted and validated.

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For Developers

Find Coders in Coder's Way

Tired of lengthy quizzes and LeetCode challenges? Say goodbye to tedious assessments. Code speaks louder than words, and your code for years is the best proof of your skills. Get your GitRoll Profile to unlock employment opportunities.

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For Recruiters

20x More Expensive, 20x Better?

Developers with Ivy League degrees and Fortune 500 experience are prestigious. Yet are there equivalent talents with identical competencies but less costly & overlooked? Yes, many global developers match or surpass their US counterparts - GitRoll helps discover these undervalued software engineers cost-effectively.

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For Tech Leads

Data-driven Insights

Leveraging a specialized AI model fine-tuned by hundreds of software developers, GitRoll conducts valid data-driven insights in terms of hard skills (bugs, vulnerabilities, bad practices) and soft skills (collaboration and peer reviews).

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